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Jane Darling is making great care possible in the future through a gift in her Will.

Securing the future

PRHC Foundation board member creates a gift to ensure that the best care possible is available for our community

Having worked at PRHC for 27 years, Jane Darling understands the importance of the care provided at the hospital. Now serving on the PRHC Foundation Board of Directors, it was this long-term connection and first-hand knowledge that prompted her to leave a gift in her Will.

Jane and her husband Peter decided to join this community more than 40 years ago. Now they believe in giving back to the organizations that have been important to their family.

When Jane decided that making a gift through her Will was something that was right for her, creating the gift was easy. She and her husband were updating their Wills and simply asked their lawyer to include a bequest to the PRHC Foundation along with the other changes being made.

“After providing for our family, it is wonderful to also be able to make a gift to benefit the hospital,” says Jane. “We want to help ensure that it will be in the best possible position to care for our community today and tomorrow.”

Yes! I want to make a difference in the lives of patients.

Walter and wendy Somerville
Walter and Wendy Somerville,
PRHC Foundation donors

Giving their way

For Walter and Wendy Somerville, the question isn’t whether or not to support PRHC, it’s how best to make their annual donation.

“Wendy and I support the PRHC Foundation because we believe it’s vital to have excellent quality health care close to home,” says Walter. “Over the years we’ve found that the best way for us to make a donation is by transferring publicly traded securities. Both parties benefit as the Foundation receives the donation while we receive a tax credit for the full proceeds of the sale. In the end, it allows us to make a more generous gift than if we chose to give cash.” PRHC Foundation donors Walter and Wendy Somerville.

Yes! I want to make a difference in the lives of patients.