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"I'm so lucky..." Mother/Grandmother & breast cancer survivor Michelle Thornton shares her story... from PRHC Foundation on Vimeo.

Michelle Thornton knows her outcome could have been much different without the past support of the community. Breast cancer screening saves lives. Make a donation that will help make sure women and men from across our region have access to the very best in breast cancer screening. Call 705-876-5000 or visit



















Supporting our tiniest and most vulnerable patients - PRHC NICU Nurse says thank you to donors from PRHC Foundation on Vimeo.

Bonnie Mackey, Charge Nurse in PRHC's Neonatal ICU says thank you to PRHC Foundation donors for providing the equipment she and her colleagues need to provide the very best care to our smallest patients.












Mike's Story - Stony Lake cottager Mike Cork says PRHC saved his life after major heart attack at the lake from PRHC Foundation on Vimeo.

Mike Cork and his wife Cathy McCallum recount their terrifying ordeal when Mike suffered a major heart attack while at their Stony Lake island cottage last Thanksgiving. Mike was transported to Peterborough Regional Health Centre in under 35 minutes where he received lifesaving patient care in PRHC's Cardiac Cath Lab.

Gavin & Jessica McLear
Gavin & Jessica McLear

“When our son Rowan was just two years old, he fractured his skull falling down the stairs. It was the most terrifying time of our lives. When we needed them, PRHC was there with life-saving care and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. Your support helps fund urgent care equipment that saves the lives of patients like Rowan. He’s the reason PRHC needs your support.” 

Gavin & Jessica McLear










































Emergency Essentials

Across the country, donors are helping to improve patient care by supporting hospitals they might one day need. Read on to find out how your gifts to the Emergency Essentials campaign can help us be ready in case of your emergency.

Mammography Innovation & Reinvestment

Investing now to ensure the future of breast cancer screening, diagnosis & treatment at your hospital - $1.9 million

The numbers are startling. 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetimes. 5,000 Canadian women are expected to die from the disease this year alone. That`s 14 of our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who lose the battle with breast cancer every day. What we do know is that early detection is critical.

The simple fact of the matter is that the face of breast cancer screening and diagnosis at our hospital, in our community and in our region would be drastically different today without the incredible support of donors. In fact, more than 56,000 potentially life-saving screening mammograms (8,000 per year) have been performed at Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) since the new hospital opened in 2008, using donor-funded full-field digital mammography machines.

With numbers on the rise, however, we cannot afford to let the standard of care that this community has helped establish slip in any way. That’s why your hospital continues to look for better, faster and more innovative ways to spot this disease early on. The PRHC Foundation is working with the community to support their goals, raising funds to support the purchase of three brand new, full-field digital mammography machines for PRHC’s Breast Assessment Centre, at a total investment of $1.9 million.

Besides their ability to generate breast images of the highest possible quality, which in turn, empowers PRHC’s radiologists to make the most precise observations, this investment is also going to allow the hospital to take advantage of the latest technological advances in mammography. For example, investing in new mammography units will allow PRHC staff to investigate tomosynthesis – an emerging digital technology for producing high-resolution breast images that early results show may have a higher diagnostic accuracy.

Donor investment has enabled a standard of care on par with the top hospitals across this country. It’s helped to drastically decrease wait times for screening, and allowed for the generation of images of the highest quality – empowering our radiologists to make the most precise observations. By supporting this vital priority, donors can help ensure women and men from across our region can continue to receive the very best screening methods available. Thousands of women and their families will thank you.

Please give. Your donation will help save the lives of women and men from accross our region.

DONATE NOW or call 705-876-5000 for more information.


Children & Babies - $1.4 Million

Because when children and babies are critically ill, all that matters is making them well again.

Besides the very real associated financial burden, being separated from family during a child’s health crisis, possibly even from your spouse and other children, can be devastating.

Reducing the number of infants and children who must travel outside the region for treatment is a key focus of PRHC’s Maternal Child Program. Your donations this holiday season will fund the equipment and technology doctors, nurses and staff must have in order to deliver specialized care to our smallest patients, keeping families together when they need each other the most.

PRHC has identified $1.4 million in innovative, technologically-advanced equipment to support the Maternal Child Program at your hospital. This equipment will:

  • help keep families together, close to each other and to support networks
  • help keep very ill and premature babies and children not only alive, but thriving
  • reduce the need for children and babies to be transferred to other hospitals
  • reduce the emotional and financial burden that comes with having to travel for care
  • help our most vulnerable patients grow stronger faster, and go home sooner

Please give. Your donation may be the most important gift they ever receive.

DONATE NOW or call 705-876-5000 for more information.


When accidents and emergencies happen, we must be ready.

Heart attacks, car accidents, sudden fevers, severe falls – everyone knows that accidents and unexpected emergencies can and do happen – usually when you least expect it. And yet, how often do we stop and think about the kind of patient care we will want, or who will be there to provide it, in the event of an emergency?

As the largest hospital in the region, PRHC provides expert critical and emergency care to seriously ill and injured patients from across Peterborough County and beyond.

Emergency Essentials: Equipping PRHC in case of YOUR emergency

Seconds count when you’re saving a life. PRHC’s expert emergency, intensive care, cardiology and surgical teams treat thousands of traumatic injuries and life-threatening illnesses every year. It is critical that they have access to the right equipment the moment a seriously ill or injured patient arrives.

Advanced medical technologies can hasten identification and treatment of disease, increase accuracy, shorten wait times, and reduce pain. Government funding may cover hospital operations, but it is private donations that support the purchase of advanced equipment.

The PRHC Foundation’s $3 million Emergency Essentials campaign includes investments in equipment that will help us be ready for your emergency.

For more information, please call Lesley Heighway, President & CEO at (705) 743-2121, ext. 3859 or send her an email..

Give Now.