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I’ll never forget the day our son told us the horrible news.

Michael sat us down and explained he had pancreatic cancer.  He would start chemotherapy at PRHC immediately but the prognosis wasn’t good.  My son wasn’t going to get better. 

When the bottom falls out of your world, you find support in the most unexpected places.  For my family a lot of that support came from the amazing staff at PRHC.

The doctors really listened when Michael chose not to continue with chemotherapy.  They took such good care of him – both in the Palliative Care Unit and at home.  Dr. Stephan Ragaz came almost daily, even on Christmas Eve, to check on Michael even though I never asked him to.

Six months after his diagnosis, Michael slipped away while I held his hand.  He was only 54.

My name is Julia Cameron and I’m writing today to share my experience with PRHC.  The hospital has been there for me and my family many times in recent years. 

They were there when Michael was sick, and again just a short time later when my beloved husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia.  It advanced quickly and soon Don refused to eat or drink.  An ambulance brought us to PRHC where Don was treated with such kindness and dignity.

Like his son before him, Don was admitted to the Palliative Care Unit.  I held his hand and watched him take his last breath.  It was one year to the day after Michael left this world.

On the most difficult days of our lives, I’m grateful we have a caring place like PRHC in our community.  We turn to them in times of need like we would a loyal friend. 

Speaking of friends, I want to thank our donors for their generosity. With your support, you help provide the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that allow PRHC to retain talented doctors and staff.  Thanks to you, our community has a hospital we can all count on for a lifetime of care.

Just as PRHC is there on an ongoing basis to take the best care of our loved ones, they need us to be there continuously, too.  As grateful as I am for your past generosity, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to give a special gift to support the hospital.

Your donation today will help fund urgently-needed equipment, investments in technology and the latest treatments in departments across the hospital in areas like cancer care, cardiac care, vascular care and minimally invasive surgery.

My own family is familiar with many areas of PRHC in addition to Cancer and Vascular Care Services.  Every department we’ve visited has provided us with the finest care possible – whether it’s innovative treatment we’ve required or support and understanding.

My daughter Breymann was treated in the Emergency Department and in the Operating Room for a bad compound break to her leg.  Today, thanks to the skill of her surgeon and donor-funded investments in surgical care, she’s doing great.

I myself am in and out of the hospital for regular appointments and lab work.  You see, I have advanced kidney disease and I’m very grateful to have my appointments within the hospital's dedicated Regional Renal Program.

So many things can happen to a family over a lifetime.  There are illnesses and injuries to treat, trips to the Emergency Department, the need for diagnostic tests and surgeries.  Whatever happens, it means a lot to know we can get the quality care we need right here in our community at PRHC.

I believe it means a lot to you, too, which is why I hope I can count on your support today. 

Just like it has in the past, your gift today will help ensure PRHC can continue to invest in vital areas in the hospital like cancer care, cardiac care, vascular care and minimally invasive surgery so the hospital can offer the community the best care possible, close to home.

As members of the community, we want to do all we can to ensure our families have access to the latest technology and newest procedures in Peterborough.  But, as I was surprised to find out, government funding covers only a portion of what hospitals require in order to meet today’s best practices in patient care, and leaves little room for innovation and advancement.

Your donation today will help PRHC invest in technology as it becomes available.  It will keep our hospital up-to-date with equipment that helps attract and retain expert doctors and staff.

Your generous support will ensure our hospital continues to be a place of innovation and hope, of comfort and support – at every stage of life.


Julia Cameron
PRHC Supporter