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Susan & Mark Salusbury
Susan & Mark Salusbury,
Legacy Donors

“Waiting in the ER after Mark’s collision, it was like the future ceased to exist. Everything in your life, every plan you’ve made or dream you’ve had, suddenly evaporates and all that’s left is a question mark. The doctors and staff at PRHC gave us a future. Planning a legacy gift for the PRHC Foundation is our way of saying thank you.” Susan & Mark Salusbury, Legacy Donors

What is your reason to give back?

Some of us give because of our personal experiences. Some of us give to ensure our loved ones are cared for. Some of us give because we know that the hospital helps every person in our community at some point in their lives.

Whatever your reason, leaving a legacy gift is an inspiring and joyful way to ensure that your values and dreams for the future become a reality for your family and community.

Legacy gifts that support our highest priority investments will ensure that when your gift is received, it is used where it is needed most. This is the most common way to direct a legacy gift. However, if a particular area of patient care is particularly meaningful to you, you can also choose to direct your gift there. The choice is yours. What story will your legacy tell?

Griff and Tina Lloyd turned a personal tragedy into a legacy that will help save and improve the lives of others for generations to come, read about it here Adobe PDF Adobe (PDF - 158 KB).

This information is not meant to replace professional financial advice. We strongly recommend that donors discuss tax/estate plans with their advisors to receive the best advice for their situation.