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Supporting outstanding patient care at Peterborough Regional Health Centre has been our purpose, promise and passion for almost 40 years.

Our vision is simple. We work with the community to invest in the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that PRHC’s healthcare professionals must have in order to deliver the very best patient care – the kind of outstanding care that everyone wants for the people they care about.

Donors make great patient care possible. At the Foundation, we think of patients as representing our loved ones, friends and neighbours – but “neighbours” has become a relative term, as PRHC has expanded to become a Regional Centre of Excellence. Our hospital plays a major role in our Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), with large investments in regional programs for Cardiac, Vascular and Cancer Care. Through these programs, PRHC serves up to 600,000 people in our regional catchment – people who come to our hospital when they need the very best patient care for themselves and the people they love.

Donor investment has helped to determine the standard of care received by those hundreds of thousands of patients – bridging the gap between adequate and excellent healthcare. Donors help fund the technology that forms the backbone of patient care and brings new life-saving services to our region. And by securing the best equipment, philanthropy also helps PRHC to attract and retain expert doctors, nurses and staff by offering them the tools they need to deliver the best patient care every day.

Together, we’ve raised more than $45 million for PRHC in the last 10 years to support the costs of medical equipment, capital projects, patient programs and staff education.

Our healthcare professionals have the talent and the ambition. Our hospital has the will and the facilities needed to bring the best, most innovative procedures to our hospital. All they need now are the tools.

And that’s where the Foundation – and you – come in.

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