Doesn't government funding take care of the hospitals and their equipment needs?

The government funds hospitals for up to 85% of their operating costs.* However, there is no ongoing commitment of government funding provided to upgrade and acquire new technology and capital equipment.

On an ongoing basis, the hospital will continue to rely upon community fundraising to ensure our equipment is the best it can be, and that we can take advantage of the new technology that can have such positive benefits to patient care and patients' lives. Some great examples include the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and the Breast Assessment Centre, where equipment has been 100% funded by the community and was instrumental in bringing these services to our region, and ensuring the newest equipment for the best diagnoses.

*the government funds around 85% of hospital's operating costs and expects the hospital to raise the remainder through parking fees, cafeteria and other revenue such as private room fees.

What happens to the old equipment?

All hospital equipment is assessed for functionality at the time of replacement. If it is functional and can be reused internally it is reissued to another department for use. If it cannot be reused by another department (i.e. it is past its functional life, in need of major repair or not meeting the current hospital standard) it is assessed to see if any can be traded in to reduce the costs of the new equipment or resold to used medical equipment resellers. If so, then it is sold and the money raised helps fund other hospital priorities.

If not, then it is donated to a division of a church group that accepts anything that can be used in a hospital (like furniture, linen, old clothes, open packages of consumables like gloves etc.). Using volunteers from their organization, they pick up all the items and take them to their warehouse where they sort, clean, repair and pack into shipping crates. From there the items are sent to developing countries like Malawi and Vietnam for use.

Items that are badly damaged or not able to be used for safety reasons are scrapped through garbage or sold to a metal scrap dealer.

How is the hospital's list of fundraising priorities determined?

Each year, every department in the hospital is asked to objectively identify, rank and categorize their most important equipment and technology requirements based on clearly defined criteria. This criteria includes (but is not limited to) urgency, safety, quality (how the capital item would impact care, service and satisfaction), and how it aligns with the strategic directions of the hospital.

The hospital's leadership, including Administrative and Medical Directors, reviews this list and prioritizes the most urgent or highest priority needs across the hospital. In some cases, the hospital sets aside funds for the purchase of critically-needed equipment. The list is then passed on to the Foundation along with a request that we raise as much as we can.

How does new equipment help us recruit new doctors, nurses and other health care professionals?

Recruiting and retaining top health care professionals at all levels is becoming an increasing challenge for all hospitals, especially in rural settings. Recruitment and retention is about offering a quality work setting and equipment to deliver the best possible patient care.

Having the best tools and newest technology allows professionals to do their very best for patients and practice their considerable skills, and supporting the PRHC Foundation helps on a number of fronts. New technology can improve productivity - for example digital imaging increases radiologist productivity by 30%. Modern medical equipment, and enough of it, can streamline patient care and help patients recover faster meaning shorter stays in the hospital.

Having current medical equipment and technology is essential to recruiting new doctors who want to work with the tools they trained on and need to do their very best.

How does the Foundation manage the funds it receives?

The PRHC Foundation is operated at arm's length from the hospital and has its own, independent Board of Directors and audited financial statements. We are committed to the responsible stewardship of funds entrusted to us by our donors, and to ensuring they are directed where they are needed most at PRHC. We consistently meet or exceed standards set forth by philanthropic watchdogs and take great pride in comparing our efforts and practices with those of other leaders in Canadian health care philanthropy. Transparency and accountability are central to our organizational values and the trust of our donors is paramount.

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