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Walter and wendy Somerville
Walter & Wendy Somerville

“Over the years we’ve found that the best way for us to support patient care is by transferring publicly traded securities. Both parties benefit as the Foundation receives the donation while we receive a tax credit for the full proceeds of the sale. In the end, it allows us to make a more generous gift than if we chose to give cash.” Walter & Wendy Somerville

Manage your tax bill while making a meaningful gift

When you give a gift of stock to a registered Canadian charitable organization you are now exempt from capital gains taxes. This allows donors to make a meaningful and often larger gift now, and reduce the impact on their cash holdings.

When you donate your eligible, appreciated publicly-traded stocks directly to your charity of choice you can realize significant tax savings because no capital gains tax is required to be paid on the appreciated value of the securities. You also will receive a charitable receipt that can be used to offset taxes payable in the year the donation is made, or carried forward for up to five years.

Making a gift of stock is easy. Simply click here for a transfer of security form Adobe PDF Adobe (PDF - 27 KB).

For more information, please call Lesley Heighway, President & CEO at (705) 876-5000, ext 3859 or send her an email.