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PRHC could soon be one of only 10 hospitals in Canada to have equipment that will revolutionize the process of administering chemotherapy at your hospital

Dr. Neera Jeyabalan tells us how that will impact her patients...


The patient in my office is understandably distraught. She’s also in shock.

After all, Monica is a young mother with a brand new baby. She never expected the lump in her breast to be diagnosed as aggressive breast cancer.

Even as I break the news, as gently as I can, I’ve already put together a treatment plan for Monica. It’s based on the latest research and my own experience as an oncologist at PRHC. You see, I’ve been in this position many times before and so have my colleagues. 

Sadly, the number of cancer patients we see at PRHC has grown by 25% in the last five years. Last year alone, there were over 27,500 patient visits to our Cancer Clinic.

No matter at what stage of life they are, my patients all have something in common. They’ve just been dealt a terrifying blow. They need to know they’re in the right place – a place where everything will be done to help them through their cancer journey.

My name is Dr. Neera Jeyabalan and it’s my privilege to take care of people during such a difficult time – to reassure them that, yes, they are in exactly the right place

At PRHC, patients like Monica have access to the latest, customized cancer treatments, state-of-the-art technology and care that is second to none. They have access to all of these things, close to home, because of our donors.

I’m so grateful for your thoughtful support, for helping my colleagues and me to provide the best care for your family, friends and neighbours. And today, I hope your generosity will help us invest in the next generation of technology for cancer care.

With your special gift, you’ll be helping us keep PRHC at the forefront of world-class cancer care for years to come.

As you can imagine, our steadily increasing number of cancer patients can require hundreds of unique chemotherapeutic medicines to be compounded every day. And, of course, each dose has to be absolutely accurate.

Right now, multiple doses are prepared by hand for an average of 40 patients per day.  Each dose needs to checked and triple checked for accuracy. It’s a time-consuming process but necessary: the safety of our patients means everything to us.  

Enter RIVA, short for Robotic IV Automation System. RIVA is cutting-edge robotic technology that automates the process of preparing medicines for chemotherapy.  Prescriptions are automatically read, checked and prepared with precision.

RIVA would revolutionize our process of administering chemotherapy to our patients.  It would help us ensure patients receive the most accurate treatment, freeing up our staff to manage the higher number of patients. And, it could even reduce the amount of time patients spend in the Cancer Clinic.

Today, we need your help to bring this state-of-the-art technology to PRHC.

Investing in RIVA isn’t just about having the latest technology. It’s about patient care. Your family and neighbours are at the centre of everything we do at PRHC. We work hard to ensure those in our community have access to the best treatments, equipment and care, and the hope that goes along with it. 

But we don’t do it alone. Your generosity is there in every reassuring word I’m able to say to patients like Monica. It’s there in the relief they feel when they learn they can get the lifesaving cancer treatment they need close to home.

Please renew your support today. Your gift will fund leading-edge technology like RIVA. It will help us reassure patients in urgent need of world-class cancer care and treatment, they’ve come to the right place.

With my sincerest gratitude,   

Dr. Neera Jeyabalan
Medical Oncologist
Peterborough Regional Health Centre