Host an Event

Giving your time to raise money to help PRHC's patients get the very best care can be really rewarding. You'll meet new people and you'll have plenty of opportunities to have some fun.

Where do I start?

Not sure how to begin? Wondering how the PRHC Foundation can help? Check out our tips for planning and executing a fantastic fundraising event below then give us a call at (705) 876-5000 or send us an email. We can't wait to hear from you!

Start with the 5 Ws – Who, What, When, Where & Why

  • Why/Identify the purpose of the event.
  • What/Identify the type of event, i.e., BBQ, dance, golf tournament, etc.
  • Who/Start thinking about potential participants
  • When/Decide on a date and time
  • Where/Decide on a location

When you've done that:

  • Do some research into competing events on the same date
  • Evaluate how many people you need and start asking for help
  • List all the materials and items you'll need
  • Prepare a budget (if necessary)
  • Think about how you're going to promote your event (give us a call on this one – we can offer some great advice!)

What PRHC Foundation can do to support your event:

  • Supply you with tools and sample templates that will help you with planning (i.e. sample sponsorship packages, budgets, etc.)
  • Take a look at your plans and recommend next steps
  • Offer advice on event planning
  • Promote the event on our online event calendar
  • Promote your event at the hospital
  • Provide printed materials outlining the reasons to give
  • Provide an endorsement letter validating that event proceeds are designated for PRHC Foundation
  • Confirm if a hospital or Foundation staff member will attend/speak, if one is available
  • Provide recognition on our website following the event (if web-ready photos are provided)
  • Issue tax receipts (please contact the Foundation at (705) 876-5000 to find out if gifts related to your event are eligible)

What PRHC Foundation cannot do to support your event:

  • Fund or reimburse for expenses
  • Send mail to, or provide email lists for, donors or hospital staff
  • Endorse applications for gaming or alcohol licenses (i.e. bingo or raffle)

A few rules and regulations to please keep in mind…

  • All funds raised must be received by the Foundation within 60 days of the event. If you do not think you can meet this deadline, please speak with the Foundation event team
  • We're happy to provide you with our logo; however, you must share any materials that make use of our logo and obtain our permission PRIOR to producing them.
  • The event organizer must obtain all necessary permits, licenses and insurance
  • The PRHC Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the use of its name at any time and will not assume any costs or liability that may be involved in doing so
  • If the event is cancelled, the event organizer agrees to contact the Foundation at least one day prior to the event
  • The Foundation cannot assume legal or financial liability for third party events
  • The Foundation is not responsible for any damage or accidents to persons or property
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