Tell us about your legacy...

Our Legacy Society recognizes and honours those who have planned to leave a legacy gift to the PRHC Foundation. Members receive exclusive event invitations and their intentions are publically recognized if they so choose.

Most legacy gifts come in the form of bequests through a Will, however future gifts such as life insurance or the creation of an endowment are also wonderful ways to leave a lasting legacy.

If you have already arranged to leave a legacy gift to PRHC Foundation, please take a moment to fill out this form. It will help us to understand your wishes and ensure the proper administration of your gift.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your legacy in confidence, and without any commitment. Please call Lesley Heighway at (705)  743-2121 ext. 3859 or send her an email.

This information is not meant to replace professional financial advice. We strongly recommend that donors discuss tax/estate plans with their advisors to receive the best advice for their situation.


Select all that apply to you:
 Yes I have included PRHC Foundation in my Will
 I have a Will and intend to update it to include PRHC Foundation
 I am thinking about including PRHC Foundation in my Will and would like to receive more information.
 I'm unsure about legacy giving but would like to learn more

It is my pleasure to become a member of the Partners For Life Legacy Society
by confirming I have made a provision for a gift to the PRHC Foundation.
 In my Will
 With a life insurance policy

My listing on the Celebration of Giving Donor Wall should be as follows:
 I wish to remain anonymous at this time
 I am willing to share my story to encourage others to consider this type of gift
         and to commemorate my gift when it is received

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