Tools for Allied Professionals

We want to partner with you to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals. Together we can help your clients fulfill their dreams and aspirations for the future by leaving a legacy gift, assist them with their desire to give a gift today and also help them achieve their financial goals through effective charitable giving tax mitigation strategies.

Helping you Help Your Clients - A Tool Box

On our site you can find everything from sample clauses for Wills to a gift of stock transfer form – tools that will help you help your clients.

Giving with Meaning
Let’s work together to help your clients make a gift that best reflects their hopes for the future while helping save and improve the lives of our patients.

Gifts for Everyone
Philanthropists come in all shapes and sizes – and with gifts at every level.  While our gifts may vary from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand, we're grateful for every one.

Thanking Donors for their Gifts
Receiving a gift to support patient care is wonderful. But thanking a donor is just as important and a job we love to do. We will treat your clients with the respect they deserve.

Donor Stories and the Impact of Giving
Read more about donors who have made, or will make a significant impact on patient care at our hospital, with the help of their advisors.

Allied Professional Advisory Council
The Allied Professional Advisory Council at the PRHC Foundation is a group of dedicated planning professionals (financial planners, accountants, lawyers and life insurance agents) that advise the Foundation on matters relating to legacy and planned giving, and promote awareness of how charitable giving improves care for patients at our hospital.

For more information on how you can become involved with like minded Professionals please contact Lesley Heighway, President & CEO by calling (705) 876-5000, ext 3859.

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