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If you want to learn more about this priority or would like to discuss how to support it, please contact us at 705-876-5000.

Help us keep your heart here.

The time has come to reinvest in PRHC’s Cardiac Centre for Excellence, unlocking new opportunities and ensuring the people, infrastructure,
systems and programs are in place to empower world-class cardiac care across the spectrum. With the first phase of this reinvestment complete – the renovation and upgrading of PRHC’s two Cardiac Cath Lab suites – PRHC is focused on the introduction of a new service to the region: electrophysiology.

If we think of the Cardiac Cath Lab’s services as similar to “plumbing”, the Electrophysiology – or EP – Lab provides the “electrical” services. The EP Lab will focus on patients with abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmia, a problem that occurs in the heart’s electrical system. It affects the normal pumping action of the heart (sort of like a short circuit that can cause the heart to beat too fast, too slow, or occasionally flutter in an irregular pattern). Currently these patients must be transferred to hospitals outside our region to receive treatment.

With donor support, creating an advanced EP Lab at PRHC will:

• Bring innovative, world-class, lifesaving new cardiac treatment and therapies to our hospital and our region
• Eliminate the need for patients to travel for treatment as far away as Kingston, costing time, stress and money
• Help create cohesive and patient-focused cardiac care (heart rhythm problems rarely occur in isolation)
• Help attract the best and the brightest staff and physicians in the field by providing the opportunity for them to practice the level of care they are trained for

Help us keep your heart close to home. Please give today.

You can make a donation online, or for more information, please call 705-876-5000.

Donor investment today in the most up-to-date technology coupled with our exceptional patient care, will allow us to pursue our vision of bringing new cardiac services to our region.
Dr. Warren Ball
PRHC Interventional Cardiologist and Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

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