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Why We Need Your Support

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The next, critical step in our transformation…

We’re proud of the many ways that our community has partnered with PRHC to set the stage for a new era of healthcare in our region. But we know it’s just the first step in our transformation. Now, the PRHC building and much of the hospital’s equipment and technology are more than 14 years old. To continue to provide outstanding patient care, the Health Centre’s doctors, nurses and staff need up to date tools and facilities. And the need for continued action is amplified by the fact that our community, health technologies and the system and world in which we operate are also changing.

An at-risk, aging population

Nearly one in five people in the Peterborough area is over age 65 and at increased risk of chronic and complex health concerns. Peterborough is also home to a significant number of low‐income earners who are unable to access appropriate housing, healthy food and reliable transportation. This, along with high rates of obesity and physical inactivity, dramatically increase the likelihood that more of our loved ones and neighbours will experience a serious physical and/or mental health crisis.​

High-tech, personalized care​

New and emerging technologies are helping to speed diagnosis and guide treatments that are more accurate and less invasive. Scientists, meanwhile, are harnessing the power of genetics to design treatments that are personalized to ensure the best possible outcomes for each individual patient.

A changing healthcare system

To improve the patient experience and strengthen local services, the Ontario government is encouraging hospitals, community health and social service agencies to work together to address critical gaps in the system and make it easier for patients to navigate across services.

New, global public health concerns

You might think coping with a challenge like a pandemic would bring everything else to a standstill. But thanks to generous donor support, PRHC was well prepared to meet the COVID-19 crisis. And while the hospital remains prepared for whatever comes, we’re counting on your support to help us move forward. Your donations will help fund the leading-edge equipment needed to continue to provide excellent care, close to home, for every patient who comes through our doors, even in a global pandemic.

It’s clear there are challenges ahead. But there are also opportunities. With our partners by our side, we’re poised and ready to help PRHC face them head on. And with over 40 years of donor tradition, generosity and innovation as our foundation, we won’t simply respond to these changes, we’ll help your hospital lead the way.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Join us.
With your support, we will innovate to provide faster, more efficient, lifesaving care and extensively increase our impact across our region. We will build the capability to become bigger and better than we are now. And we will build capacity to tackle the urgent healthcare needs of our growing and changing population. By building capability, capacity and fueling innovation, we will set in motion our plan to transform healthcare in our region – providing the best care in the world delivered locally by top specialists in state-of-the-art facilities.
Dr. Peter McLaughlin
PRHC President & CEO
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