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Why We Need You

Cancer care nurse preparing IV for happy senior patient

There’s a saying in healthcare philanthropy: “The very best hospitals are found in the most generous communities.”

That’s the incredible power of philanthropy. At its core, it is the energy that powers advancement, the passion that fuels innovation, and the key that opens the doors that lead to truly world-class patient care.

It takes the collective will of a community to say, “this is the care we want for the people we love” and then to make it happen. ​

We’re proud of the many ways that PRHC has partnered with our community to set the stage for a new era of healthcare in our region, but we know it’s just the first step in our transformation.

Adult man patient moving into a full body CT scan
Woman doctor sitting closely with patient

Because the government doesn’t directly provide funding for most new or replacement equipment…

But it’s this technology that forms the foundation of patient care today, while fueling innovation tomorrow. Your donations will keep your hospital prepared, whatever comes.

Your Impact

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