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After providing for your loved ones, choosing to include the PRHC Foundation as a beneficiary of your Will can have a tremendous impact on our community, helping ensure that excellent patient care remains the standard at PRHC for generations to come. Find out more here...


Guy's Marathon Walk in support of PRHC

In honour of his 100th birthday this fall, Guy Aiello planned to walk the distance of a marathon – 42.2 kilometres – to raise funds for equipment and technology at PRHC!

His official marathon kilometre count began on Canada Day. He was so determined, he didn't take a single day off and surpassed his goal, walking 56 kilometres in support of world-class care at PRHC!

Guy wants to thank all the well-wishers and generous donors who continue to support his fundraiser. You too can still donate online, or over the phone at (705) 876-5000.


Your hospital is at the ready, whatever comes

Ensuring the ongoing safety of patients, physicians, nurses and staff is paramount at PRHC. While the hospital is diligently implementing a staged plan to re-introduce non-urgent care suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, PRHC remains at the ready to quickly respond to COVID-19 once again if necessary.

Thank you to everyone who has supported your hospital’s frontline healthcare professionals and their patients during these extraordinary times. We hope you’ll continue to stand behind them, whatever comes. Find out more about PRHC's COVID-19 response here…

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