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Give a Gift of Securities

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Manage your tax bill while giving the gift of stock.

When it comes time to support your favourite charities, do you instinctively reach for your chequebook or cash? Instead, consider the stocks in your portfolio that have generated substantial gains over the past few years.

Here are three great reasons that a stock donation may be right for you:

1. You can reduce capital gains.

Many investors have stocks they love and that have appreciated over many years. This sets the stage for capital gains when you sell. By transferring the stock to charity you are eliminating the capital gains tax. As well, you are eligible to deduct the full fair market value of the stock you donated from your income taxes. Many people don’t know that a stock gift can be one of the most tax-smart ways to give.

2. You can give more by donating the stock than by selling it and donating the proceeds. 

Because you’re avoiding the capital gains tax when you donate a security, your stock gift will go further and make an even bigger impact because 100% of the stock value will provide meaningful support to the charity. As well, you will be eligible to deduct the full fair market value of the stock you donated from your income taxes.

3. You can donate stock to the PRHC Foundation without headaches. 

Gifts of stock are easy to make. Consult your financial advisor to decide which investments make the most financial and philanthropic impact. To get started, simply click here for a Transfer of Securities form. You may also wish to discuss your gift intention and areas of care that are meaningful to you and your family.

To be eligible for a charitable deduction for a tax year, donations of stock need to be received by the end of the calendar year.

The PRHC Foundation also accepts donor advised funds. Please speak with your advisor for information.

Talk to your family, talk to your advisors and when you’re ready, talk to us. We’re here to help! For more information, please contact Lesley Heighway, President & CEO, at 705-743-2121, ext. 3859 or send her an email.

Always consult a professional financial advisor to discuss the best charitable giving options for you.

Transfer of Securities Form

Download this PDF form for Transfer of Securities.

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