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What to Support

We’re investing together in PRHC’s top priorities for world-class patient care today and tomorrow.​

With your help, we’re currently fundraising for some exciting investments – equipment and technology that will help ensure PRHC is prepared whatever comes, attract the best and brightest minds in healthcare, and bring groundbreaking new services to our region.

Masked Doctor working on touch screen monitor
Patient in recovery with woman doctor and nurse at bedside

We’re also empowered by donors to respond to PRHC’s most urgent needs as they arise.​

Donors have funded equipment, technology or programs on every floor, in every department. When you give to the hospital’s area of greatest need, we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently to PRHC’s most urgent priorities as they arise. But you may also decide to support a specific area of care.

There are many ways to donate. And every single gift will make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

From one-time donations to monthly giving, from personal fundraising challenges to business initiatives, from volunteer groups to planned giving, our generous community of donors supports world-class care through many different avenues.

Doctors, nurses and staff gathered around equipment in X-ray Suite
Nurses dressed in masks and scrubs standing outside the Emergency room entrance

Let’s celebrate the power of your philanthropy!

Thank you for choosing to support world-class patient care at PRHC through the PRHC Foundation. It’s important to us to recognize your gift and the impact it will have in our region.

For more information:

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