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Emergency Care

You’re ensuring every second counts when a patient needs urgent care.

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It takes a phenomenal amount of critical medical equipment to deliver world-class emergency care at a regional hospital. And it is essential that that equipment is in top working order so seriously ill or injured patients can be treated quickly and efficiently from the moment they arrive in PRHC’s Emergency Department (ED).
PRHC’s ED is now one of the busiest in the province, with approximately 86,000 patient visits in a typical year. With so many people turning to PRHC for urgent care, and a pandemic making life even more unpredictable, your hospital’s expert physicians, nurses and staff must have the most technologically advanced tools to continue providing world-class care to every single patient who comes through those doors each day and night.
Every second counts when a patient needs emergency care. And every donation helps ensure PRHC’s Emergency team has the equipment and technology they need in those seconds.

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