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Your Leadership Giving Ambassador

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A message from PRHC Foundation's new Leadership Giving Ambassador, Linda Skilton

Hello everyone! I’m Linda Skilton, and I’m honoured to serve as the PRHC Foundation’s new Leadership Giving Ambassador.

Walking through the halls of Peterborough Regional Health Centre, I’ve worn many hats—PRHC Foundation Board Chair, PRHC Board member, visitor, and donor. Yet, the hat I feel most fortunate to have worn is that of a patient.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during my treatment at PRHC, that I learned the critical role donors play in patient care, inspiring me to give back.

Had my diagnosis come just one year earlier, accessing treatment would have meant travelling hours away from home, to a hospital outside my region. But thanks to the generosity of past donors, I was able to receive my lifesaving care at PRHC. This experience sparked my involvement with the PRHC Foundation. I wanted to give back to ensure the kind of care I received remains available to everyone in our region.

Now, as a leadership donor, I am wholeheartedly invested in our hospital’s future. I know firsthand that my donations are helping our hospital invest in new equipment, and bring new lifesaving services, both helping to attract the best medical professionals to our hospital. 

In my new role as your Leadership Giving Ambassador, I am passionate about building a meaningful bridge between our leadership donors and the hospital. It’s about showcasing the real difference each donation makes. I am eager to share insights and updates with you, highlighting how your generous contributions are transforming healthcare right here in our region.

Looking forward to sharing more with you soon,

Linda Skilton
Past Chair, PRHC Foundation Board of Directors
Leadership Giving Ambassador, PRHC Foundation