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Annual Results Report of Most Recent Investments

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Your donations fund state-of-the-art technology, fuel innovation, bring lifesaving new services to our region, and help attract the best and brightest healthcare professionals. 

Together we’re shaping the future of healthcare in our region, investing $11.2 million at PRHC over the last three years, including major investments in equipment that supports cardiac care, cancer care and COVID-19 relief and preparedness. 

Our mission and our efforts are ongoing. We’re currently raising funds across multiple years for further significant technology investments with disbursements made when fundraising has concluded. 

Thank you for trusting us with your philanthropy! We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to help make world-class care possible at your hospital. We’re dedicated to ensuring the responsible stewardship of your generous donations and keeping you up to date on the impact of your gifts now and in the future.


Annual Results & Impact Summary: 2020-2022

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Doctor and nurse working together in cath lab

Cardiac Care: Cardiac Cath Lab Upgrade

($3.55M Investment)


In a typical year PRHC’s cardiac care team performs over 3,000 cardiac procedures. In 2020/21, 1,719 of these procedures took place in the Cath Lab, 810 requiring a stent – 202 of those while a heart attack was taking place.

Across our region, more than 600,000 people rely on PRHC’s Cardiac Cath Lab for care close to home. In order for experts to continue saving lives, the 13+-year-old suites had to replaced and upgraded. The donor-funded renovation of the Cath Lab, including a replacement of equipment with state-of-the-art technology, is ongoing; one suite has been renovated and is in use and the other is due to be completed this summer.

This upgrade means the cardiac care team has access to significantly higher-quality images at higher resolutions and can use less radiation during a procedure, improving safety for patients and staff. It’s also contributing to decreased procedure times so that more non-emergency patients are supported locally, saving the time and stress of traveling.

Nurse supporting patient through CT Scan

Cancer Care: 2 New CT Scanners

($4.6M Investment)


Last year, there were over 23,000 cancer-related patient visits to PRHC. For many of those patients, diagnostic imaging such as CT scans plays a vital role in their care.

In fact, 28,000 CT scans help diagnose cancer and other conditions sooner at PRHC every year. To maintain this care close to home and keep up with demand for this service, PRHC’s 13-year-old CT scanners were replaced with cutting-edge technology.

Now, the two new, donor-funded CT scanners are faster than the scanners they replaced, meaning shorter scan times, and there’s less radiation used during a scan, which means less risk to the patient. They also provide better-quality images, making it easier for doctors to see what’s happening inside a patient’s body.

COVID-19 Equipment & Supports

($226,288 Investment)


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PRHC Foundation and our donors quickly mobilized to support the hospital and its doctors, nurses, staff and patients through the COVID-19 response fund.

Since then, the fund has helped aid and protect healthcare providers, patients and visitors by supporting infection prevention and control tools, and patient care.

Donors funded wellness kits and a crucial supply of additional scrubs for the Health Centre’s 3,200 physicians, nurses and staff, plexiglass screening stations at hospital entry points, specialized tools for treating critically ill patients, and iPads and supportive equipment so isolated patients can connect with loved ones.

Your Gifts in Action

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