Heart of Healthcare – Episode 3, Part 2: “Code Trauma”

Upon receiving the call that a patient is on route, the trauma team at PRHC’s Emergency Department activates its ‘Code Trauma’ and swiftly springs into action.

At any given moment, this highly skilled team of emergency doctors, nurses, surgeons, and specialists is prepared to face severe and life-threatening injuries. This might include injuries from a car accident, someone unconscious, broken bones from a fall, a punctured lung, or a head injury that doesn’t need surgery.

When a patient arrives, the team works efficiently to promptly stabilize them, assess the severity of injuries, and initiate the necessary first steps in their care.

The third episode of our Heart of Healthcare video series, hosted by PRHC Foundation President & CEO, Lesley Heighway, gives an inside look into a world that most of us hope never to see.

Lesley sits down with Dr. Troy Tebbenham, PRHC’s Trauma Medical Director, who leads the Emergency Department’s trauma program.

Dr. Tebbenham shares how lives are being saved through the trauma team’s quick and careful care of trauma patients using state-of-the-art, donor-funded equipment and partnerships within our community. Last year, PRHC – now designated a Level III Trauma Centre because of advances made to the trauma program – played a crucial role in providing care to close to 400 trauma patients.

He also chats about what’s happening in emergency medicine, what it’s like leading the trauma program into its second year, and what it means for our hospital to be a Level III Trauma Centre. Watch Part 2 of this episode above and if you missed Part 1, click here to watch it first.

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