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Making hope and recovery possible

PRHC stands on the front line of the mental health response for our region and our hospital has seen a surge in patients seeking mental health care. Last year, there were 3,437 patient visits to the Mental Health & Addictions Crisis Response Unit in the Emergency Department. That’s twice as high as it was a decade ago and those numbers are still going up. The hospital is also more than 15 years old and many of its mental health care spaces no longer meet the needs of this growing number of patients.

The reality is the mental health crisis is close to home. That’s why we must ensure the care we all deserve is close, too.

Fortunately, there is hope. New research and a better understanding of these invisible illnesses means that mental health and addictions are treatable. With the right system of expert, compassionate care and support, people can recover.

Just like cardiologists and surgeons need the right technology to treat our bodies, mental health professionals need the right tools and facilities to treat our minds. This includes modern spaces specially designed for mental health patients, that support therapeutic best practices and help reduce the length of time patients have to spend in the hospital: rooms with plenty of natural light and secure outdoor spaces where PRHC’s doctors, nurses and staff can provide expert, compassionate care using advanced equipment, and where patients can heal in safety and in peace.

At the PRHC Foundation, we understand that where you heal helps determine how you heal. With community support, we can fund modern, supportive environments and help ease the pain and anguish of patients and their families during treatment.

You can help!

You can make a donation online, or for more information, please call 705-876-5000.

Thanks to your gifts, patients will be able to receive the life-changing care they need, close to home, and other centres will look to us as the gold standard in mental health care.
Jennifer Cox
PRHC Director of Mental Health & Addictions

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Dr. Warren Ball, PRHC Interventional Cardiologist and Head of Division, Cardiology

We’re very happy to share that PRHC’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory reinvestment is now complete!

The two existing Cath Lab suites have been entirely renovated and upgraded, and began functioning at full capacity this fall. In the first month that both suites were operational, there were 324 Cath Lab visits, including 279 angiograms and 117 cardiac stenting procedures – some actually performed while a heart attack was taking place!

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Dr. Andrew Kelly joins the Cardiac Cath Lab team

Dr. Andrew Kelly, PRHC Interventional Cardiologist

PRHC was pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Kelly earlier this summer. An interventional cardiologist, Dr. Kelly joins Dr. Warren Ball, Dr. Phong Nguyen-Ho and Dr. Katy Shufelt as the newest physician on the Cardiac Cath Lab team.

Dr. Kelly completed his medical degree at Ross University and went on to do residency training at the University of Connecticut for Internal Medicine and McMaster University for Cardiology, followed by a Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at McMaster University.

Donor investment in new state-of-the-art Cath Lab facilities was critical to PRHC’s ability to bring Dr. Kelly to our hospital and reflects the growth of this vital regional service. Thank you!