“In the blink of an eye this was all taken away.”

Cancer patient Anthony Serracino-Inglott knows all about the power of gratitude and the impact that donations are having on patient care at your hospital.

Not that long ago he was a typical 16-year-old kid from Lindsay, going to school, playing hockey and hanging out with his friends. “In the blink of an eye this was all taken away from me when I found out I had Philadelphia-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” he says.

Anthony spent months in a Toronto hospital bed, far away from friends and family. Now thanks to donors, Anthony and other pediatric cancer patients can receive their cancer treatment at PRHC, close enough that they can have time at home with friends and family and sleep in their own beds. “You know, normal stuff,” Anthony says. “I can fit my treatment into my life, not my life into my treatment.”

With the incredible support of donors, the PRHC Foundation was able to fund all of the new equipment and technology needed to operate the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) Satellite Clinic at PRHC, completing the hospital’s current funding needs for pediatric cancer care in our region. We’re so grateful for this…and so is Anthony: “Thank you to everyone who supported this project and helped make sure kids like me can get their cancer care close to home.”

Peterborough’s Dragon Boat Festival donates $55,449 for the next important step forward in PRHC’s chemotherapy program

Volunteers outdoors with Dragin boat paddles and large cheque

Each and every year we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support we receive through Peterborough’s Dragon Boat Festival. 2020 was no exception.

We are so grateful that even after the tough decision to cancel last summer’s Festival due to COVID-19, Survivors Abreast and the Festival Planning Committee still raised an incredible $55,449 in support of 2020’s important fundraising priority: Robotic Intravenous Automation (RIVA) technology.

This generous donation will help fund the next important step forward in PRHC’s chemotherapy program. RIVA is cutting-edge robotic technology that automates the process of preparing medicines for chemotherapy. The result? Faster, more accurate cancer treatment.

Our deepest thanks to Peterborough’s Dragon Boat Festival, Survivors Abreast, and all the volunteers, fundraisers and sponsors for their continued commitment, passion and dedication to ensuring breast cancer patients have access to the latest treatments, technology and world-class care at PRHC!